Underwater cables, fibre optic and electrical subsea connectors, and bespoke engineering solutions....

We are Teledyne Impulse-PDM, manufacturer of underwater electrical connectors, cables, harnesses, and cable assemblies for the UK and European subsea market. We also offer a broad range of quality engineering services, including the Quickcure Moulding System and related polyurethane materials.

DESIGN - our experienced engineers design bespoke subsea connector and cable solutions for harsh environments, including military connectors and assemblies used on the T45 and Astute naval programmes.

MANUFACTURE - moulding, wiring, and encapsulation of underwater cables and harnesses.  We manufacture the Omicron and Omega underwater fibre optic connectors.

QUALITY -  members of the prestigious ADS 21st Century Supply Chains (SC21).

For all enquiries please call our customer relationship department on                   +44 (0) 1420 85848 or contact us by email.

Please note that in the near future this web site will be moving to a new site.  To view the new site please visit www.teledyneoilandgas.com and select Impulse-PDM from the list of companies.